Monday, October 22, 2012

An Introduction: Why Publishing


My name is Marnise and I want to work in publishing.

Why the publishing industry? I'm often asked that very question. More often then not my answer is, "Why not the publishing industry." I've been told again and again that the industry is dissolving, that it won't whether the new age of technology.  But all I see around me is evolution, advancement, and determination. Why wouldn't I want to be apart of that?

I've been a lover of books since primary school. Oddly enough, the first book I ever read and enjoyed was Harry Potter. After that, it was a world wind of novels both old and new, from classic literature to scientific fiction and fantasy. I've enjoyed classics, romances, and mystery. I spent of my childhood lost in a world I could only get to between the pages of my favorite books.

And now, I am finally involved in the process I love so much.

I am currently working as a publicity intern with a remote publishing company. This is my second internship and I love already. The more I work in publishing the more I feel as if I've found my calling.

This blog will be dedicated to publishing. Chronicling my experiences, and what I learn about the industry I love.

Thank you for reading,


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